In order to preserve our wonderful California Archery history we need a place to keep, secure and display our History. The outstanding Californians in our Hall of Fame, the Expert hunters as exemplified in the Big Game Club and Small Game Records, deserve to be displayed. Californians have led the way in manufacturing equipment Blitzenburger, Easton. Shooting, Olympic, NCFAA, NAA and CBH/SAA champions. Many of our clubs have more than 50 years of history that could be displayed for all to see. We would have a library of archery related books and magazines. Displays of old equipment to see how our sport has changed. A place where we would not only teach archery, but explain the challenges of shooting and hunting. We need to collect artifacts, we need a place to store them until we can find a place to display them, and we need a place to display them. How do we get these things, we need a club that will let us place a storage container on their land, then we need a container. Then people willing to inventory and care for our donations.


What do we need to fulfill these lofty goals? MONEY! The Foundation is a 501c3 tax deductable organization your donations are 100% used for the foundation we have no paid staff, no overhead.


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