Scholarships for youth camps will be awarded at least one a year according to funds available in each year. Any California resident who is a full time student between the ages of 10 &17 with a minimum grade point average of C+ is eligible. A copy of the student's most recent card must accompany the application. A CBH/SAA member in good standing must sponsor each student who applies. The CBH/SAA sponsor is expected to follow up and help the youth to continue in organized archery. Application will be by mail during the first two weeks in May. At the end of the two-week period applications will be reviewed for completion and accuracy by members of the Foundation Committee. Scholarships will be awarded based on a blind draw of the applicants. The winning applicant will be notified by mail. Any student awarded a scholarship for camp will not be eligible for a second camp scholarship. The scholarship will be paid to the youth camp upon acceptance of the applicant by the camp. If the applicant is unable to attend camp in the year the scholarship is awarded the student must reapply in an ensuing year. All unused funds will be returned to the Foundation. The student will be asked to provide a certificate or other proof of attendance at camp.


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