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Greetings fellow Archers,       I am Sandy McCain, the newly appointed 2nd Vice President of Field to finish out this term.  What is that some might ask?  The 2nd VP of Field shall administer programs for which they were elected (appointed) and may make appointments deemed necessary for proper administering and programming within their actives.  Another words; the 2nd VP of Field is the administrator of the CHB & SAA State Field Championship and other State Field tournaments at State level.       At this year’s annual meeting we have made some changes to our State Field Championship and other State Field tournaments. 2014 STATE FIELD CHAMPIONSHIP -Will be held at one location, on the second weekend in June -2 day event -28 field targets, 28 hunter targets and 28 animals targets -Pre-registration only -Participants will shoot with competition. STATE “SECTIONAL” MAIL-IN TOURNAMENT -Multiple locations to be held throughout the state. -The state will need to host tournaments in the northern, central and southern parts of our state. -1 day event 14 field targets, 14 hunter targets and 14 animal targets -Mail-in results
Fresno Field Archers were awarded the opportunity to host the 2014 State Field Championship to be held at their range in Dunlap, California, on June 7-8, 2014. At this time I am securing clubs to host the 2014 Sectional Mail-In tournaments to be held this year.  As soon as I hear from the host clubs as to their exact dates, the dates will be posted on CBH & SAA’s Web site and news magazine.  Sincerely, Sandy McCain  email: tenacrepatch@hotmail.com