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Folks, Yesterday there was another major development for Western States. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced that it plans to place the Gunnison Sage-Grouse on the endangered species list. This decision may affect as much as 1 million acres in the states of Utah and Colorado . The decision not only threatens more job-killing economic regulation, but also affects the ability of citizens of Colorado and Utah access to public land for hunting and outdoor recreation. Reason to be Concerned There is reason to be concerned. The listing of Gunnison Sage-grouse follows just months after US Fish and Wildlife Service announced the listing of the Lesser Prairie- Chicken. This is just the beginning. In 2015 an Endangered Species ruling on Greater Sage-grouse is expected. The Greater Sage-grouse ruling could impact 165 Million Acres in 11 Western States. Help us spread the word to sign the petition in support of Congressional action in support of state management of Greater Sage-grouse and other species visit:
States Pushing Back The decision is already drawing the sharp criticism of Western States, "We're disappointed that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service believes that extensive conservation efforts in Utah and Colorado aren't sufficient enough to protect the species," Sheehan says. "The USFWS hasn't given many of these efforts the time needed to show the efforts work." Wildlife officials and elected officials are adamant that the listing decision will not advance conservation of Sage- grouse in Colorado and Utah . In fact, the decision will likely have the opposite impact by removing the incentive to invest in on-the-ground conservation efforts. Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper explained, "This sends a discouraging message to communities willing to take significant actions to protect species and complicates our good faith efforts to work with local stakeholders on locally driven approaches. In short, this is a major blow to voluntary conservation efforts..." U.S. Senator Michael Bennet suggested that federal regulators run the risk of focusing too much on technicalities when we should be working together with state wildlife experts on solving problems, "...Washington should learn from Colorado's model, not upend it. Today's decision only leaves Southwest Colorado with more uncertainty and conflict as this issue is re-litigated in the courts." What is lost in all the noise is that those who have invested the most in common sense solutions will bear the brunt of the economic impact of this decision. Help Spread the Word The ruling on Gunnison Sage-grouse is another wake-up call of the threat to state management of wildlife. We need your help to send a strong message to Washington that Westerners want decisions made locally, not by federal regulators. Help us spread the word to sign the petition in support of Congressional action in support of state management of Greater Sage-grouse and other species visit: Stay Tuned We will continue to research this ruling and explore the potential impacts of other endangered species rulings including Greater Sage-grouse. Stay tuned for updates on this important issue. Ryan Benson November 13, 2014 To read more about the Gunnison Sage Grouse ruling visit: wildlife-officials-Bishop-bemoan-federal-action-on-Gunnison-sage-grouse.html To read more about the Lesser Prairie-Chicken ruling visit: prairie/pressrel/2014/03272014_service_lists_lesser_prairie_chicken_as_threatened_species.php
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