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Thursday, January 8, 2015 Please take a few minutes to view the video found at: In it, you will note California Fish and Game Commission President Michael Sutton describing the action the Commission recently took to ban inducements in conjunction with the take of predators.  Furthermore, he indicates his intention that this is but the beginning of their efforts to further restrict the taking of predators and suggests the potential establishment of bag limits for coyotes.  Following his remarks, Project Coyote Founder Camilla Fox takes the opportunity to use his words to bolster the credibility of Project Coyote and solicit donations to her organization. The U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance, along with the many conservation organizations that make up the Al Taucher Conservation Coalition, urged the Commission to not cave to the emotional and baseless arguments of Project Coyote and HSUS, but rather, to take a cautious, diligent, and measured approach to this controversial topic by compelling the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to undertake a comprehensive predator management plan that would employ the collection and use of data applied to long-accepted scientific and ecological principles when considering such topics as coyote contests or bobcat trapping. Sutton is no stranger to questionable affiliations, and continues to come under fire for his penchant for conflicts of interest as well as his unwillingness to formally obligate himself to ethical standards of conduct. USSA and some notable member organizations of ATCC are currently working to bring this behavior to an end and you may rest assured that this latest example of Sutton's blatant bias will be used to encourage his departure from his seat on the Commission as soon as possible once his term ends next week. We will continue to advocate for objective and fair-minded Commissioners as we collectively work to restore integrity and credibility to the Commission by reinforcing the role of science and the value of hunting, fishing, and trapping in the management of our state's natural resources. I would encourage you to distribute the video far and wide in order to bring increased awareness to the situation, but feel free to cut out my editorial should you so choose. Josh Brones, Government Affairs Coordinator U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance Western Office, Sacramento