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CBH & SAA Small Game Program   CBH & SAA Small Game Program has been around since 1970.  CBH/SAA uses a one of a kind small game program. The important point  being, is that you learn about each of these species of pest, game bird,  game animal, or fish that you harvest with your bow and arrow.  With  knowledge comes responsibility to wisely use your catch and to be aware  of the habitat in which they depend on for space, cover, and food. It is  hoped that you will then help protect this species from unwise use among  your hunting group and promote conservation in your community. As  CBH/SAA Small Game Coordinator, under the office of 2nd  VP of hunting  (Craig Fritz), it is my job to record your harvested species and keep a  record  for you. Certificates will be given for every species turned in.  When you reach 35 different species, you will become a member of the  “Golden Eagle Society”. Your award will be presented to you at the next  bi-annual Big Game Banquet. When you reach 50 species, you earn a  “Double Eagle” award. When you reach 75 species, you have reached the  apex and will earn yourself a “Triple Eagle” award. All members of the  Golden Eagle Society, regardless of level attained will be recorded in the  next issue of the Big Game Record Book.  There are also categories for “Big Carp” which is any carp over 10lbs.  and “Big Tilapia”  which is any tilapia over 3lbs. These records are kept in  categories for State Records that will be posted in the next Big Game  Record Book. The top 3 Carp and Tilapia will also be eligible for awards  during the two year scoring period, to be given out at the bi-annual Big  Game Banquet. Cost to enter small game species is $3.00 each, with  $1.00 of that entry fee going to the legislative team. For youth (17 and  under) the cost is $2.00 each with .50c going to the legislative team. I  have a list of small game species available to all current CBH members. Remember, it is always YOUR responsibility to read and know the  current regulations to take any small game in California. It is my intent to  keep everyone up to date with their certificates, and awards. Look for  monthly articles in the CBH newsletter from myself and my committee  members on issues concerning small game. This program was designed with our Youth in mind to encourage them to study and learn about the  species they want to hunt, and go into the field to develop good hunting  skills. The CBH Small Game awards are acknowledgments of that  success. You can reach me at: bsbowhnter@sbcglobal.net or call Bret Scott @ (951) 317-3805